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To stop sewage from being dumped into our ocean. 

Who We Are

As concerned citizens of Bowser BC area beachside communities, 

1. we are OPPOSED TO SEWAGE EFFLUENT GOING INTO THE OCEAN, such as that proposed by the Bowser Village Centre Wastewater Project which will begin to dispose of minimally treated sewage effluent through a marine outfall at the Noonday Rd. 'Public' beach access. 

2. we are IN FAVOUR of sustainable development in Area H. 

3. we are IN FAVOUR of an up-to-date sewage system that uses modern technology and disposes of clean effluent on dry land.

Call To Action

United we can save our ocean front from unwanted sewage.   Write the Minister of Environment and Climate Change, BC Minister of Environment, the Federal and BC Ministers of Infrastructure.  Ask them to lead by changing funding conditions and substituting permit conditions to keep Area H green by stopping ocean sewage dumping!  Contact your MLA your MP, The RDN and AREA H Director, Tell them your vote depends on action now! See contacts below.


-Right Honourable Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada - September 8, 2017

Request to Withhold CWWF Funding & Ensure Consultation with Impact Community

- Honourable Selina Robinson BC Minister of Municipalities and Housing -  August 31, 2017

 Request to find Bowser Village Sanitary Sewer Service Bylaw petition not sufficient or valid per Local Government Act

Canada Minister of Infrastructure and Communities - July 29, 2017

Information and Oversight Commitee Review 

Prime Minister Trudeau (pdf)


BC Minister of MAH Selina Robinson (pdf)


Canada Minister of Infrastructure and Communities (pdf)


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Government email, mail, telephone. Postage is free to any Member of Parliament.

Prime Minister

House of Commons  Ottawa, Ontario  Canada  K1A 0A6   Telephone: 613-995-0253  Fax: 613-947-0310 

Minister of Infrastructure and Communities

House of Commons  Ottawa, Ontario  Canada  K1A 0A6   Telephone: 613-992-1013  Fax: 613-992-1026

Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food

House of Commons  Ottawa, Ontario  Canada  K1A 0A6   Telephone: 613-995-9325  Fax: 613-995-2754 

Minister of Environment and Climate Change

House of Commons  Ottawa, Ontario  Canada  K1A 0A6   Telephone: 613-996-5322  Fax: 613-996-5323

Minister of Health

House of Commons  Ottawa, Ontario  Canada  K1A 0A6   Telephone: 613-992-3640  Fax: 613-992-3642

Minister of Fisheries, Oceans and the Canadian Coast Guard

House of Commons  Ottawa, Ontario  Canada  K1A 0A6   Telephone: 613-992-1020  Fax: 613-992-3053


WHY IS THE RDN OPTING TO DISPOSE OF SEWAGE EFFLUENT THROUGH A MARINE OUTFALL?   It is the least expensive method to dispose of the waste. They say there is no dry land suitable for disposal nearby---in which case we feel they need to explore sites farther away from the village.  It will cost more but it’s the right thing to do.  WHO IS VOTING ON THIS SEWAGE PLAN?   Only the 100 or so property owners in Bowser Village Centre get to vote.  People south of Thames Creek and north of the Legion were not notified and not consulted at any time, although many live in the “impact zone” of the outfall (Unethical, Unfair, Undemocratic). ISN’T SEWAGE TOO EXPENSIVE FOR BOWSER? Gov’t will provide $7.5 million in funding, leaving $3.1 million to be paid by the 100 villagers, about $38,000 per hook-up---but now developers have agreed to pay $2.6 million of that to the RDN through “development cost charges,” leaving only $0.5 million to the villagers, reducing basic hook-up charge to $2900 each---making it easier to vote yes, in spite of what that vote could do to the ocean. IS BOWSER GOING TO END UP LIKE FRENCH CREEK? The RDN says there will be “some” odour.  The system will start with one treatment tank but is designed to expand and could eventually handle sewage from much of Area H.   ARE MODERN LAND BASED DISPOSAL TECHNOLOGIES AVAILABLE?  Yes there are many modern technologies available to replace conventional septic systems on challenging land while protecting groundwater, human health, the environment and ocean food sources. An ocean outfall would only meet the minimum legal requirements still having lots of pollutants including climate changing carbon, oxygen depleting substances, nutrients which cause algal blooms, a list of pathogenic organisms and toxic substances, microplastics and pharmaceuticals.  So why not lead Canada and keep Area H green and healthy for future generations with land based disposal? This is our community and these are our beaches.  It is our responsibility to protect them and the life within and around them.

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Come join the conversation and find out how you can help stop the sewage dumping into our community waters. 

Visit sosbowser on Facebook to see what concerned citizens are doing.

Bowser Beachside Community Group

Bowser, British Columbia, Canada

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Bowser Village Sewer System Development Cost Charge Frontender Agreement - One Developer Pulls Out?

REGIONAL DISTRICT OF NANAIMO SPECIAL BOARD MEETING AGENDA                            Tuesday, September 12, 2017 3:00 P.M. RDN Board Chambers


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